Rosemary Davies

  • Career Development and Instructional Technology Student Assistant
  • Chatham University
  • Website:

Hello, my name is Rosemary. I'm an enthusiastic person whose interests are ever increasing. To infinity and beyond? Perhaps. I like to do anything that makes me stop and think!

My major interests are STEM fields (bioinformatics/regeneration/programming) and sustainability (polar issues). I also enjoy digital/virtual art and juggling in my free time.

I love the humanities because it is a collective of the human experience. For real life, the applications are endless! At the end of my High School year, I created a mobile app prototype called "BrainShower" for supplementary education for elementary students along California State Standards in the "Technovation" challenge with a team. Marketing and design for our product revolved around our understandings on what we knew of parents and users. Knowledge of the humanities has also helped me to formulate mission statements, policy analysis, and business process mapping for my High School as a “Green” organization.

Now, in college, I have had more experiences on the technology side. I have done work-study in the IT Department with systems and networks, and instructional technology. Additionally, I have done assisted, regenerative research on planaria with an open source program, Image J. And, many times, the humanities often sneak into my work. I hope to sustain this work for my senior year Tutorial at Chatham.