The Planning Continues…

As organizer of THATCamp Pittsburgh, and current intern at The Library Company of Philadelphia, I am starting to experience the angst of planning a major conference for a newbie. I am grateful for all of the assistance I am receiving from Lauren Panton of Chatham, as well as Dr. Alexis Macklin and Chief Archivist Matthew Strauss, both of the Heinz History Center, as well as many other folks that have offered or given help and input. But…don’t stop now!! It is crucial to the success of THATCamp Pittsburgh that the collaboration, networking and support of our educational and arts communities continues.

There are lots of ideas floating around in my head for workshops for THATCamp Pittsburgh. There is a lot of organizing to be done. A lot of hair to be pulled out, I am sure. But, what I am really hoping for, and I am sure all of the wonderful people that have attended the two meetings regarding THATCamp Pittsburgh are hoping for, is that we do our best to produce a creative, collaborative, friendly and fun first THATCamp for the Pittsburgh area. Perhaps it will mold itself over the years into a thematic conference, as I hope the tradition of THATCamp will be continued long after I have graduated. So, the basic idea for our first camp is to try to include any and all people that want to be included in a dialogue about Digital Humanities, education and the arts…and to keep that conversation going!

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